Aug 20 2012

The Science of Energy Medicine: Part Three

At your core you are a multidimensional system of light, a system just as real as those that operate your digestion and circulation.

In addition to surrounding the body in an aura or oval field, energy in the form of light resides in each living cell in “biophotons”- photons of light, first detected by biologist Alexander Gurwitsch in 1923.

In her book “The Field” American investigative journalist Lynne McTaggert describes the search for light in the human body through experiments conducted by biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, who was looking for a cure for cancer.  McTaggert writes: “He found that DNA was capable of sending out a large range of frequencies and that some frequencies seemed linked to certain functions”.

Popp’s experiments thoroughly convinced him that “one of the most essential stores of light and sources of biophoton emissions was DNA”. His studies were built upon earlier research, such as that of Yale neuroanatomist Harold S. Burr, who discovered in 1940 that unfertilized salamander eggs were surrounded by energy fields shaped like adult salamanders. Burr also studied energetic fields of animals, plants and humans.

Continuing his experiments, Popp found that the light of cancer patients was weak and that MS patients took in so much light the cells could not do their jobs. McTaggert reports: “Popp now realized that what he’d been experimenting with was even more than a cure for cancer…Rather than a system of fortunate, ultimately random error, if DNA uses frequencies of all variety as an information tool, this would suggest a feedback system of perfect communication through waves which encode and transfer information.”

He felt that an important function of DNA is to be a receptor for energy in the form of light. This energy, encoded with information from the environment as well as from other living beings, could then be stored in the energy body. Perhaps this is why we are told so often to seek answers from within. In addition, Popp felt his discoveries explained why energy medicine modalities could heal the physical body.

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