Aug 20 2012

The Science of Energy Medicine

As a practitioner believe me, I’m well aware that many US consumers believe that energy medicine and energetic bodywork are the stuff of woo-woo pseudoscience.

So why do energy medicine clients report having phenomenal results on such a consistent basis? The answer lies in the science of energy medicine which is based in physics.

Ewww. physics. Hope I’m not losing you already!

Well, before we get into anything too deep, let’s say we start with something very basic– like the atom. There’s not much more
basic than the atom. Well, except for quarks- but maybe we’ll talk more about those later.

We all learned in grade school science that the atom is the basic building block of all matter, right? And that inside the atom, you would find subatomic particles. These particles were identified in the early 1900’s as having energetic properties. Negatively charged particles were named electrons, positive particles were named protons and neutral ones were named neutrons. Simple enough.

OK, so what else is inside the atom? Is it air? Well, air couldn’t fit inside of one because air is made up of gas molecules. And a molecule is too large to fit inside an atom.

So does this mean that there’s nothing else inside the atom with the exception of these energetic particles– protons, neutrons and electrons? Sure seems so.

We know that every molecule of matter, organic or inorganic is made up of atoms. And if all atoms are made of energy then all molecules must be comprised of the same thing. And that one thing is simply energy.

In her book The Field, Lynne McTaggert recounts the collaboration between physicists Rueda, Puthoff, and Haisch who deciphered Albert Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2.

According to McTaggert:  “…matter is not a fundamental property of physics. The Einstein equation was simply a recipe for the
amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass.
It means that there aren’t two fundamental physical entities–
something material and another immaterial– but only one: energy…
As they would write later, mass was not equivalent to energy, mass was energy.”

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