Jun 11 2014

Jasmine’s Story- Journey to Balance

depressionI first met Jasmine* over twenty years ago when I ran a tiny art store in her neighborhood. Jasmine was creative and had a deep appreciation for the products offered so she stopped in often. She was one of those people who knew everyone– and everyone either knew Jasmine or wanted to know her. She was witty, interesting, friendly and sharp. What few beyond her family knew, was that she was suffering from depression- and this was way beyond the blues. This was chronic major depression, and as it reached its depths, Jasmine began spending more and more time secluded alone in her home- unable to interact with the community that she loved. Her quality of life seriously eroded.

Very early on, Jasmine sought help. She had some familiarity with the course this illness could take, given that it haunted her family for generations, even affecting her own mother. Treatment began in her late teens, but she didn’t notice any improvement so she stopped seeing her therapist.

According to Jasmine, “By my mid twenties I was diagnosed as bi-polar and saw the first of many psychiatrists. This would also be the first time I would be prescribed medication to ‘adjust’ my brain chemistry, with minimal results and horrible side effects. Unwittingly, and out of desperation, my social drinking turned into self-medicating and copious amounts of alcohol and recreational drugs entered the mix. I was now either depressed or manic, never knowing when or how long an episode would last; I felt out of balance with life.”

This roller coaster ride of imbalance went on for decades: debilitating depression, manic highs, seeking treatment, new meds, momentary relief, lack of progress, frustration, stopping meds, stopping therapy sessions, seeking new therapists.

To familiarize every new facilitator with her experience, Jasmine had to revisit all of the things that were causing her emotional pain. As a result she dreaded finding new therapists. When one of them suggested they try electric shock therapy or a vagus nerve implant Jasmine felt it was time to try a different approach, and then, in her mid-50’s, she came to my office.

The techniques I use are all energy-medicine based. The goal is to balance the client’s energy field by detecting areas of lower frequency and bring them into a higher vibration.  Emotions are energetic in nature and run from low (anxiety, depression, anger) to high (joy, love, gratitude) frequencies. When the frequency of the energy body is elevated, lower level emotions are cleared and the client finds relief. Added bonus: there’s no need for the client to relive any events that contributed to the condition, talking is not a requirement.

Using a technique called the Emotion Code, we began by clearing some of the energy which held the most acute aspects of her depression.  This is a wonderful modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

After several sessions she had reached a comfortable plateau, and it was time for an assemblage point adjustment. The assemblage point is a powerful center which plays a major part in energetic health and well-being. The adjustment triggered a deep emotional cleanse and Jasmine experienced a ten-day healing crisis. Healing crises are not unusual, they are an indication that progress is being made but they aggravate symptoms which become worse for a time. Her healing crisis, however, was extraordinary in its length and expression, most likely due to the length of time and severity of her illness. She hit an emotional low and confined herself to her home for the duration. On the 11th day, she emerged from the crisis.

“That day, I  woke up feeling better than I had ever felt in my entire life!”, Jasmine told me.

This was the turning point in her healing. We continued to work together, using several other energy medicine techniques, to further clear and balance her field.  She was trained in Reiki so she did  a lot of self-treatment also. Gradually she came less often and now she comes every two to four months for a “tune-up”.

She emailed me recently, saying in part, “My desire to self-medicate has fallen away and without a thought. As a matter of fact I rarely, if ever, have a drink. I have been off all medication for years and never felt better. I have had one bout of depression in two years time (the longest period of time I have gone without an episode in my life) and the mania has been non-existent for years.”

I couldn’t be happier for Jasmine.

*Client has given permission for her story to be published under a fictional name.

Energy medicine is beneficial for emotional health, but is not a substitute for talk therapy or medication. There is no need to stop a regular course of treatment to experience energy medicine because it can be used as a complementary modality. I require all clients, regardless of their reason for seeking assistance, to sign a waiver stating they will not end any course of medication without consulting their prescribing physician.