Aug 13 2014


treebenchSummer is such a great time to take advantage of your surroundings.   Whether day or night the warmth makes you feel whole with the universe. I recently had the opportunity to stand on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and let the water swirl around my ankles. My feet quickly disappeared in the wet sand. It was so peaceful. I felt solid, secure and alive in the world.

Connecting with the earth is a great feeling both physically and mentally. Our immune systems function best with a constant supply of electrons. There is an endless supply of them released by the earth that are continuously being regenerated through solar radiation and lightning.  These electrons have antioxidants that can protect your body from inflammation and chronic pain.  Think about that the next time there is a thunderstorm!

By walking barefoot your body will naturally absorb these electrons.  Research has shown those who regularly perform simple grounding or earthing exercises see such health benefits as better sleep, reduction in chronic pain, improved wound healing and faster recovery from injuries.

How do I ground myself, you ask?

Try going outside. Just 40 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Surfaces like grass, sand, dirt and even concrete are conductive surfaces your body can absorb electrons from.   When being outside isn’t possible try a warm concrete basement floor. Put your bare feet on the ground and relax. Read a book or just close your eyes.