Apr 23 2014

Five Spring Cleaning Methods for Your Energy Field!

irisThis winter has been brutal- by some estimates it’s the worst in 100 years. Hopefully we have seen the last of the season’s snow. But if your body feels like a dark sluggish winter when it should feel like a bright vibrant spring, there are plenty of things to get your energy in sync with the calendar- even if the weather doesn’t quite match up with the date.

This year has been especially challenging, because our Spring has been coming in glimpses- partial days here and there- which no doubt causes the body some energetic confusion as it is forced to shift gears back and forth. In the past two weeks I’ve noticed an increase in calls from clients requesting chakra balancing, and this could be due to the confusion we’re all feeling energetically.

So let’s at least get ready for warmer weather by balancing our energy fields in preparation for the new season, even if we’re still wary that winter hasn’t disappeared. Here are some super easy tips:

Epsom or sea salt- salt is really valuable for cleansing the energy field. You can take long soaks in a salt bath, add some salt to your shower scrub, soak your feet in a salt bath or even put salt and water in a spray bottle to spritz over your energy field. You’ll feel energetically refreshed- guaranteed!

Think fresh, eat fresh- It’s time to reintroduce raw fresh produce into your diet if you’ve backed off it over the winter. The energy in live foods has a definite effect on the body’s energy system. Even seeing the vibrancy in the colors of fruits and vegetables can help.

Water- body cells are surrounded by water, it’s the medium they use to stay in energetic communication with each other. warmer weather and increased activity can mean your body will be flushing out more toxins via the sweat glands. Replacing that moisture will help the energy field function at the level needed for cell communication.

Sun- light from the sun builds the immune system, kills bacteria, increases oxygen in the body and can chase the winter blahs. The sun is a major chi generator and the energy body and physical bodies benefit from about a half hour of sun per day- before 8am or after 4pm are the best times.

Energetic Bodywork- chakra balancing, reiki, polarity therapy- all can help bring the body back into balance. A skilled practitioner can assist the body’s energy field by stimulating sluggish channels to move more energy as well as calming areas where overly abundant energy is causing distress. It’s hard to describe the effects to someone who hasn’t had this done (about as easy as describing a color or scent). But many people feel it is something that makes a big difference in quality of life and that it has a positive effect on the emotions as well as the physical.