Aug 20 2012

Emotions and Health: Freeing the Self

All emotions have specific vibratory rates. Among the slowest rates can be found shame, guilt, and hopelessness. The highest rates resonate to love, trust and gratitude.

Normally we feel emotions and then move on. But sometimes, if emotions are intense or the body is vulnerable, these unprocessed emotions become trapped in the energy body and can have an effect on health. (AKA: The issues are in the tissues). We can still carry emotions buried when we were very young that resulted from events we did not understand at the time. People can also bury emotions that are too painful to fully experience, or so they won’t hurt someone else (for example with angry words).

These emotions can become entrenched in the energy body causing the “owner” to repeat patterns over and over again. In addition, since the energy body is the wireless framework for the emotional and physical bodies, areas of slower frequency have a direct effect on emotional well-being, physical structure and health.

Once an energetic pattern has been established it can affect everyday life. When someone “pushes your buttons” they are merely stimulating patterns in your energy body. If the body did not hold these energies, your reaction would be mild or nonexistent.

Unfortunately, an established pattern will bring more of the same into your life. Someone with an anger pattern, for example, since “like attracts like” is energetically preprogrammed to bring people and situations into their life that will trigger the anger over and over again.

Besides affecting one’s emotional health, at least 95% of all chronic physical health problems originate from non-physical sources. This has been confirmed over the last thirty years by almost every major medical research institute–including the Mayo Clinic and the US government.

Emotions especially have been linked to helping or hurting physical health. Stress has been cited as the biggest factor in heart disease. Numerous articles have been written on the connection between emotion and cancer.

An exhibition entitled Emotions and Disease was developed by the National Library of Medicine and presented to the National Institutes of Health. One paradox the organizers found was that, though the general public and medical practitioners recognized this connection, it has been regarded with suspicion by the modern biomedical community.

Western science continues to struggle to realize what most of us
know already: your feelings have a direct impact on your health and well being.

Energy Medicine practitioners help clients these old patterns and triggers out of the energy body by strengthening and balancing energy channels and centers.

Benefits include lowered stress, decreased or eliminated pain,
structural integrity, a calm and peaceful disposition, increased
energy, and more. Unlike some therapies, with energy medicine there is no need for the client to relive the event in order to clear the emotion.

Dr. Bradley Nelson originated the Emotion Code, a powerful modality for releasing trapped emotions energetically. Bradley reports “Freeing yourself from your trapped emotions can make you feel more secure and motivated, and can liberate you to create the relationships, career, and life that you always wanted”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.