Oct 11 2013

Do you need a tune up?

RoomA human being is a sum of various parts, most notable are the Body, Mind, and Soul. The Soul is the inspiration, the mind is the interpretation, and the Body is the instrument used to conduct the symphony we call manifestation. These three parts interact with each other, and function individually, and in unison. If one of these is off, they are all off.

 So what does one do when you are clearly out of alignment? For that matter, how do you even know you are out of alignment? Sometimes it is important to take a step back, and really look at what you are doing AND what you are not doing. If you are in tune with your whole being, body, mind and soul, your actions and creations will reflect that. Think of a chef. With the same ingredients they can create chicken pot pie, or chicken coq au vin. If it is your souls passion to feed people, you may create a soup kitchen. The mind may interpret incorrectly and lead the person to opening a hot dog cart.

So the question is, how do you get in tune with your Soul Self, and how do you stay there. The first huge key is communication. You can communicate with your Soul Self at any time, at any place. Meditation is a huge tool to assist with this process. The more often you mediate, the easier it is to stay in touch, and be congruent as a whole being.

Other things that help are Reiki, and other healing modalities, One of my preferred methods is tuning forks. You can go to a practitioner for a full session but there are also some relatively inexpensive forks you can get on your own that do a good job two. The first is called the perfect 5th . This is C and G which creates a ration of 3/2. This frequency has actually been shown in clinical studies to create a physiological response, and promote relaxation by the release of nitric acid. Your nervous system will actually shift to match the frequency as well. This is called sympathetic resonance.

I can share a story from my childhood to illustrate this. Our choir teacher had the entire class sing a particular note. We sang it for several minutes, taking breaths as we needed to. When she gave us the signal, we all stopped and listened. The piano in the room had started to resonate, matching the note that we sung. This is similar to the way a Reiki attunement works. The chord is within you, it just needs to be plucked to remind you that it is there.

The perfect fifth opens the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. It has been shown to bring your nervous system to balance, and help integrate your mind and body. It is great to use right before meditation, and helps to keep full sessions last longer.

A great accompaniment to the perfect fifth is the OTTO 128 tuner. It is a weighted fork that you place on the body. The frequency goes right into the body. It helps relax body tissue, relieves muscle tension, spasms and pain. You can also use it on acupressure points to help with particular things.

To balance the soul, a Solfeggio set which consists of 6 frequencies that correspond with the Chakras. This is the forks I personally use as the foundation of my tuning fork sessions. You can use them to balance each chakra, and bridge the energies to raise the Kundalini energy. I will go into details about these forks in a future article.

Using tuning forks as part of your daily routine can help keep yourself aligned Body, Mind, and Soul. Pick up the beginner set, or stop down to see me for a session to experience what tuning forks can do for you, and learn how to incorporate them into your day to day.

by Hank Setala    Office 440-720-HEAL