Jan 10 2013

Do-It-Yourself Chakra Cleansing

6Seven Tips for Clearing Chakras

Many people like to do a physical detox and body cleanse at the beginning of the year or between seasons.

But it’s also important to tend to the energy body. Because the parts of you that are tied to worn out ideas, relationships, old emotions or even possessions can keep you stuck in an energetic rut. Not only that, clearing on an energetic level will set the stage for good results with your physical body cleanse.

So let’s move out those old energies and make room for some higher vibes! Here are seven practical things you can do on your own to help energetically stimulate and clear your chakras!

First Chakra (Root): Unclutter your home- clean out closets and junk drawers and get the dust bunnies out from under the bed. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re investing energy in those things as long as they’re in your space.

Second Chakra (Sacral): Unleash your creativity! Take an art class, try out a musical instrument, cook something new.

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus): All my exes live in my solar plexus… oops, I mean the third chakra is about personal power. Are you feeding energy into relationships that no longer exist or any which has obviously run its course? This is a tough one, so start easy- like unfriend your buddy’s Aunt Nelly on facebook first and go from there.

Fourth Chakra (Heart): Giving sincere thanks for hard lessons you’ve learned through others moves the hurt out of the heart. If you have emotional or even physical heart pain, you could experience incredible relief using this method. Of course, always see your medical practitioner for pain issues.

Fifth Chakra (Throat): Often throat chakras become compromised due to unexpressed feelings. Things like fear of being hurt or hurting someone else, fear of being ignored, or even the fear of one’s own anger can lead to trapped emotions, especially in the throat. My advice to clients has been to write a letter to the person they are not completely communicating with. The letter doesn’t need to be sent- in fact almost all clients destroy them. The written expression of emotions moves the energy and often sparks a healthy dialogue that solves the issue. Curiously, some have reported that the issue just naturally resolves itself without any discussion.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye): Keeping a dream journal is a great way to clear and strengthen the sixth chakra. This chakra has to do with intuition, and weeks into this practice you’ll notice you remember more of your dreams and you may even begin to experience lucid dreaming.

Seventh Chakra (Crown): Meditation and prayer are two of the most popular ways to open and clear this chakra.

There you have it. Seven ways to get that energy cleared. All on your own.

Intense Chakra Cleanse
Developed right here in our Lakewood office, this is a Holistic Health Cleveland exclusive! Two practitioners evaluate and work with each of your chakras. Through a combination of energy medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology and tuning fork therapy the chakras are cleared, empowered and balanced at an intense and deep level. This is a profound and meaningful experience. Fee for each 45 to 60 minute session is $125. Contact Fran Kerg or Laurie Haskett to set up your appointment.