Aug 20 2012

Chakra Interaction and Balance

Chakras are energetic centers operating within the human energy field, with the major ones located along the spine. Minor chakras are located in the hands, feet and throughout the body. Each chakra powers its own unique physical, emotional and psychic fields.

Ideally, chakras should be balanced- each powering their own “domain”, and at the same time complementing each other as they work together. But a chakra positioned above or below another which is weak may test out as overly powerful- in a way, making up for the other chakra’s weakness and
helping to bring energy into the compromised area.

On the surface, that may sound good, but what are the ramifications of an
enlarged or weakened chakra?

Someone who has an enlarged throat chakra which is compensating for a compromised heart chakra may appear to be self-centered and perhaps even boastful. Just think about it- here’s a heart chakra too small to radiate out to others coupled with an overly powered throat chakra which is causing over-active communication.

(Ha!- is this what leads to TMI?)

What little energy is generated in the weakened heart center may be no
more than what’s needed to energize the physical area (heart, lungs, circulation) and to power the subject’s sense of self-esteem.

The result? The subject becomes verbose regarding his favorite subject- himself! Excess activity in the throat drives him to express verbally, and his subject matter reflects the disconnection he has from others.

Once the heart center is healed and the chakras balanced, however, energy
becomes free-flowing. Then the person makes a shift. The balance in energies transforms the personality and the subject is capable of more appropriate human interactions.