Category: Essential Oils

Aug 13 2014

How to Tell When You’re Not Grounded

When you’re grounded you have full access to all your talents. You feel in the flow and things may even seem to come effortlessly. You’re able to get a lot of things accomplished in record time. You’re even-tempered and quick-thinking. If you haven’t felt that way in a while, you might be ungrounded. Sometimes in …

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Jun 11 2014

Essential Oils for the Summer

By Fiona Storey [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Essential oils have been in use for centuries. Fortunately for us, their benefits and healing qualities have become more widespread and documented in recent years. Simple blends of pure oils are often more effective than over- the- counter and even prescription medications- without the adverse side effects.

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Nov 14 2013

Essential Oils for the Winter Months.

Mother Nature has provided us with all the tools we need to feed ourselves, to clothe ourselves, to build shelters, and yes… even to heal ourselves. That is not to say that modern day medicine does not have its place; however combining Mother Nature’s gifts with modern medicine is quite powerful. Many of the drugs that …

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Oct 15 2012

Science, Scents and Shapes

Many people are familiar with aromatherapy’s mood-enhancing effects, but studies show that it is also an effective healing modality for numerous conditions– but what about weight loss?

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Mar 05 2012

Energy and Healing

Emotions and Frequency Everything is energetic and has a frequency. Each atom consists of electrons, neutrons and protons in constant vibration. What has been believed in the past, but unproven until relatively recently, is that even emotions are energetic.

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