Jan 31 2014

Astrology and Healing

horoscopeAstrology is more than just your horoscope and your sun sign. The energies of the planets have a profound impact on everyone. Besides being the auto pilot of the universe, there are aspects of astrology that can be used on a small-scale as a tool to do inner work.

If you have a birth chart, make note of the degree and sign your moon is in. The moon represents past emotions, and every month as the moon returns to this position you have what is called a lunar return. Metaphysically what is happening is that the energy of the moon resonates with a suppressed emotion. Continue reading

Nov 14 2013

Essential Oils for the Winter Months.

Mother Nature has provided us with all the tools we need to feed ourselves, to clothe ourselves, to build shelters, and yes… even to heal ourselves. That is not to say that modern day medicine does not have its place; however combining Mother Nature’s gifts with modern medicine is quite powerful.

Many of the drugs that are developed are actually inspired by Mother Nature as well. Aspirin is a great example. It is found naturally in wintergreen, birch, willow bark, and others. Other drugs like morphine and codeine also have their origins in Mother Nature. Continue reading

Nov 12 2013

Reiki: Healing at the Core Level

HealingHandsReiki has emerged as one of the best known modalities in the field of energy medicine, along with homeopathy and acupuncture.

People learn Reiki for a number of different reasons. It may surprise you to know that the majority of people who attend Reiki training have no intention of becoming practitioners in the strictest sense of the word. Some simply want to practice self-treatment. Some use it as an intro to the energetic healing arts. Some Western medicine practitioners see it as an initial step in transitioning from an allopathic into an integrative or holistic career. Others are interested in helping family and friends, or perhaps working as volunteers for the ill and those in transition who would benefit from end of life care. Continue reading

Oct 14 2013

Daniella’s Story: Coming Into Her Own Power

FranMandalaDaniella* first came to see me about a year and a half ago. Her complaints were mainly physical- she had stomach aches and low energy, but she couldn’t seem to put into words exactly why she was there. She seemed troubled and dark.

In the initial assessment I noticed that her upper chakras were well developed, but the first three (root, sacral, solar plexus) were in need of support and her heart seemed guarded. I should note that it is quite typical for my clients to have more powerful upper chakras then lower chakras. For the most part they are spiritually and psychically secure- even advanced in many cases, but a number of them struggle with “earth stuff”. Daniella was no exception. Continue reading

Oct 11 2013

Do you need a tune up?

RoomA human being is a sum of various parts, most notable are the Body, Mind, and Soul. The Soul is the inspiration, the mind is the interpretation, and the Body is the instrument used to conduct the symphony we call manifestation. These three parts interact with each other, and function individually, and in unison. If one of these is off, they are all off.

 So what does one do when you are clearly out of alignment? For that matter, how do you even know you are out of alignment? Sometimes it is important to take a step back, and really look at what you are doing AND what you are not doing. If you are in tune with your whole being, body, mind and soul, your actions and creations will reflect that. Think of a chef. With the same ingredients they can create chicken pot pie, or chicken coq au vin. If it is your souls passion to feed people, you may create a soup kitchen. The mind may interpret incorrectly and lead the person to opening a hot dog cart. Continue reading

May 01 2013

Brenda’s Story: “Are there options?”

optionsI knew Brenda* for several years before she asked to have a session, although her husband had been coming on and off for about ten years.  An active father of two boys he’d get a pain in his back or neck every now and then and he said massage and chiropractic just didn’t help the way energy medicine did.  In addition, their younger son came on one occasion. A spinal tap when he was little had left him with constant pain radiating down both legs.  When he began playing football in high school the problem became more serious, and I could tell that it worried Brenda. During our one session together he felt the pain, experienced as mild electrical shocks, leave his body.  That was about eight years ago, and Brenda says the pain has never returned. Continue reading

Jan 10 2013

Do-It-Yourself Chakra Cleansing

6Seven Tips for Clearing Chakras

Many people like to do a physical detox and body cleanse at the beginning of the year or between seasons.

But it’s also important to tend to the energy body. Because the parts of you that are tied to worn out ideas, relationships, old emotions or even possessions can keep you stuck in an energetic rut. Not only that, clearing on an energetic level will set the stage for good results with your physical body cleanse. Continue reading

Nov 15 2012

Giving Thanks: The Awesome Power of Gratitude

Years ago I read that in order to manifest more of anything, one of the things you can do is to focus your attention on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you want more or less of, where attention (aka your energy) goes, energy flows. Continue reading

Oct 15 2012

Science, Scents and Shapes

Many people are familiar with aromatherapy’s mood-enhancing effects, but studies show that it is also an effective healing modality for numerous conditionsbut what about weight loss? Continue reading

Aug 20 2012

The Science of Energy Medicine, Part Four

We know our ancestors acknowledged the body’s energy system because most ancient cultures had detailed depictions of their interpretations of energy centers, lines of force and auras. Continue reading

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