Jan 31 2014

Astrology and Healing

horoscopeAstrology is more than just your horoscope and your sun sign. The energies of the planets have a profound impact on everyone. Besides being the auto pilot of the universe, there are aspects of astrology that can be used on a small-scale as a tool to do inner work.

If you have a birth chart, make note of the degree and sign your moon is in. The moon represents past emotions, and every month as the moon returns to this position you have what is called a lunar return. Metaphysically what is happening is that the energy of the moon resonates with a suppressed emotion.

This suppressed emotion is played out in a new way, and oftentimes, as humans, we tend to deal with the situation in a similar way as the way we did in the past. Looking at this now from a point of awareness, you can choose something else, and have a new experience which will release the suppressed experience and help you enlighten yourself.

So here is an example. As the moon approaches your lunar return, you notice your boss being overbearing, demanding, and putting down your work. On a metaphysical level, this is resonating with a time in your past when a bully would pick on you on the school bus. As the moon moves, it travels 90 degrees to what is called a square. At this point there is an experience that really blindsights you and up rise all the current feelings and past emotions related to the bully. Another 90 degree move brings us to the opposition. This is the perfect energy for you to connect the dots and see the bully reliving himself as your boss and giving you the same experience. The next 90 degrees gives you an opportunity to re-anchor this energy. Say instead of backing down, you stand up for yourself. You have effectively transmuted a suppressed experience into something positive.

You don’t have to be an expert on astrology to use astrology in a transformational way. The more conscious you are, the more you can use the tools of astrology to transform your life, and create yourself anew in the ever-present moment.