Aug 20 2012

2012 And the New You

This topic may seem a little “out there” for holistic health, but over the past couple months I’ve heard “I have to get ready/cleared/balanced for all the 2012 changes” from numerous clients.

So since this seems to be on many of your minds- and since, for some, it’s coming from a place of fear- I thought it fitting to address this topic.

Let me get slightly off the subject for a moment to tell you that I had the immense pleasure of attending Gregg Braden’s Cleveland lecture in December.

For anyone not familiar with his work, he’s a writer who focuses on the areas where science and spirituality meet. Braden, a former computer geologist and IT trailblazer, abandoned the corporate world and embarked on a global search for ancient teachings. A NY Times bestselling author, his work has been well-featured on television and he’s been labeled a visionary by none other than Drs. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

Braden’s publisher describes his books as “paradigm-shattering”, and so it was with this lecture. Citing modern scientific evidence as well as recent archeological discoveries, which have reduced several long-held scientific beliefs to myths, he left many in the audience wondering why so few present-day information sources keep pace with these developments.

His latest book, Fractal Time: The Secrets of 2012 and a New World Age, explains possible changes for the planet and its people. Braden says that despite dire predictions of world destruction and discord, we will be witnessing the end of an era or an age, not the end of the earth.

Will there be changes? Inevitably! Science shows us that the vibrational resonance of the planet is increasing. Since we are part of this planet, we must be affected, but these changes don’t have to be painful.

Here are some suggestions for a smooth transition to a place of harmony:

  • eat “clean” foods (you already knew that one!)
  • become aware of repetitious patterns- healing can begin with
  • clear and balance your energy body- on your own, or with help
    from a practitioner
  • practice heart-focused meditation- Braden recommends the online Global Coherence Initiative for this- I’ve been participating in their group meditation and it is wonderful
  • dispense with all judgment– it wears you out!
  • just BE! Learn to allow and go with the flow

There you have it.  Just about everything you need to make it to 2013 and beyond!